Select Your Entity Type

First, select the entity below for which you need to obtain a Tax ID Number from the IRS. Next fill out the simple Tax ID Application for that entity, you will receive your EIN/Tax ID securely via e-mail.

Common Reasons You need a
Tax ID Number:

You will need an EIN/ Tax ID Number if you:

• Started a new business
• Hired or will hire employees, including household employees
• Opened a bank account that requires an EIN for banking purposes
• Changed the legal character or ownership of your organization (for example, you incorporate a sole proprietorship or form a partnership)
• Created a trust, administer or represent an Estate formed after a person’s death
• Formed a corporation, S-Corp, a non-profit organization, or other tax-exempt organization.
• Represent an estate that operates a business after the owner's death.

IRS entity definitions
• Hover over any of the entity types above and the definitions of each one will display here.
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Easily File with EIN-Tax-ID-Form:

• Simplified one-page form for all entity types
• Help boxes provide guidance throughout the entire application, step by step
• Customer service agents available via e-mail and phone support from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm PST
• Expedited filing and processing with no additional fee for fastest turnaround time
• Quick and secure e-mail delivery of EIN/Tax ID numbers to the responsible party for immediate use
• Third-Party Designee service guarantees accuracy and security of your online filing